I’m not trying to replace Bob. But it’s always been 2 cats for me. A week or so after Bob passed away, I started looking for cats in rescue. I didn’t have any luck with them because they never got back to me or they were too far away.

So I searched. And searched. And applied. Applied some more. I figured why not go straight to the shelter’s website and see what I might find.

I saw a black kitty that I wanted named Leo. I applied for him and within 48 hours, I was asked to submit some paperwork. I submitted the paperwork then they scheduled me to meet Leo at the shelter for Sunday, March 21. I took Cammie with me because well…she likes cats, too. So we got to the shelter and the coordinator introduced us to Leo. He was hiding under some blankets and just looked so confused. He didn’t want to come out and didn’t care too much for Cammie and me. Meanwhile, another cat was meowing his little heart out around the corner. He had been meowing since we walked in.

So we visited the cat around the corner and he was trying to escape his cage. It hit me right there that he was meant to be my cat. The coordinator opened his cage door and he walked right up to me to be petted. Even though I was there for a different cat, another cat chose me.

Everyone, meet Hubert. Hubs or Bertie for short.

He’s around 4 years old and according to the vet, a bit chunky.