I Survived. Then I Slept.

I have been asleep for the past 3 days. I’ve had so many surgeries that I would think I’d be okay but nope, that shit took a lot out of me. First off, the pain. It wasn’t so bad at the hospital because they gave me a morphine machine.

They made me wear this stupid oxygen thing that was connected to this annoying ass machine. And every time I took it off, it would beep like a mofo. So that made it even worse.

Jeremy stayed with me the whole time. Making sure I was comfortable and that the pain was bearable. It wasn’t until we got home that the pain got worse and my stubborn ass wouldn’t take the pain killers.

But one night, I finally did. Because I cried so hard from the pain. When the pain finally subsided I finally slept. And that’s what I did the past 3 days…sleep. Because the pain took a lot out of me that I was so exhausted.

I’m still recovering and I have a job interview tomorrow which I’m really excited about. More excited about buying an interview outfit.

However, I’m more excited about my new tattoo. More on that later.

Where I Complain About Being A Woman

So in a few weeks, my womb will be removed. The pear shaped organ that carried my children. The one thing that differentiates me from men. The reason why I can talk about abortion and why it’s no one’s business why someone is getting one. That organ. My uterus.

I’ll be saying goodbye to my uterus. It’s not because I want to but it’s because I have a medical condition. I’m not supposed to have any more periods since I had the Novasure done. But for over a year now, I’m suffering from them. Sometimes they get so bad that it wipes me out completely and I end up sleeping all day.

Am I sad? In a way. This is not the first organ to be removed from my body. It would actually be the 4th. How fun. But I am also relieved. No more periods. No more PMS. And hopefully no more PMDD.

This is going to be a life changer. It’s still sad (and scary) but I don’t like that I’m suffering every month from something I no longer need.

I will have to spend the night in the hospital (remind me to write about the morphine machine). My husband will also be spending the night with me so yay! Hospital rooms are cold and creepy.

This isn’t my first rodeo so I should be really good at this. But goodbye, periods!!