A Puppy & Spasian

Let’s start off with this site. I know it’s been a while but life has been busy throwing bullshit at me and I haven’t had time to breathe. I know that I got rid of my social media a long time ago. However, I’m still on Instagram (you have to request to follow me). I also brought back my LinkedIn. Then I made a TikTok for my dogs.

Yes, I said dogs. Meet Butch Odin Adams. As of today, he’s 20 lbs. of adorable.

On the ride home from the breeder.
Giving Cammie puppy dog eyes – we’re all suckers for it.
One of many weird expressions on his face while he sleeps.
The puppy dog eyes – again.

He’s also like Carter who prefers to be carried around everywhere.

The cutest blep.

The best part…he and Carter are best of friends.

Having 2 dogs have been nothing but pure joy. It’s double the reason to leave the house and enjoy them. Butch has also gotten potty training down. He is such a sweetheart but he’s also not scared of anything.

I can’t wait to watch both of them grow up together. My heart still feels empty from losing Ginger but I know that she would want me to be happy.

We Bought A House

We bought a house. A house that is in the same school cluster for my children so they don’t have to go to different schools and start all over again because I know exactly how that feels.

I can’t wait to do all kinds of work in this house, especially with furniture.

My favorite is the kitchen…

And we also have a backyard where Carter has already dug up a hole.

Did I tell you that I really love the Nest?

This desk I built by myself to store the makeup that I finally consolidated. And then my other children, the succulents can enjoy the sun. We’re getting there.

We are definitely getting there.

And here’s a video!

Quarantine Week 4

It’s come to a point where I should just act like I’m going to work, take a shower first thing in the AM, and put on different clothes every day.

Is this a sign of cabin fever?

I hope the pics tell you what I’ve been doing to keep myself from going insane. Jeremy still has to go to work because he’s an essential employee. The kids are with their grandparents and they’ve been doing a good job at self-isolation.

We’re required to wear masks pretty much everywhere.

And I also bought this:

They want me to wear a mask, then I’m going to wear a mask.

As you can see, I’ve been sort of busy. We have no idea when this stay at home order is going to expire. Might as well make the most of it.