They Definitely Come In Threes

Months passed by after Ginger died. Then on August of 2020, my friend Felicia died. Later on, Bob would pass away.

Felicia’s death was a surprise as she was only 39 years old. She would’ve been 40 on September 3rd. She had suffered some kind of brain bleeding. She was recovering until she suffered a heart attack which killed her. I met Felicia at an old job and we hit it off right away. I considered her as one of my best friends. She was really a joy to be around. Felicia was always smiling and she always had a positive attitude about things. It’s unfortunate that the good die young because the world could use a lot more good nowadays.

Fast forward to Carter’s 1st birthday…on January 18, 2021. It was a good day. I even dressed up the dog in a birthday bandana and a party hat. Unbeknownst to me that my old man cat passed away upstairs under my bed. When I found him, I was hysterical. Bob was around 12-13 years old when he died. We had a good 10 years together. So yeah, my cat died. We buried him in the backyard. He was a good cat…very clingy. But he showed me every day how much he loved me.

I haven’t yet found another cat. I still have Suki who is doing great. But it doesn’t feel right to just have one cat because as far as I can remember, I’ve always had 2 cats. I did apply for a male black kitty at the shelter and I submitted the required items so I’m just waiting to hear back from the shelter. His name is Leo but I plan on changing his name if I do end up taking him home.

I know I haven’t posted since last year but even though we’ve surpassed one year of the lockdown, work has gotten busier (which is a good thing). I will try to post more since I got a new MacBook Pro. And it’s beautiful (yay stimulus money).

I will also be open for freelancing again. I just need to find new clients.

We Bought A House

We bought a house. A house that is in the same school cluster for my children so they don’t have to go to different schools and start all over again because I know exactly how that feels.

I can’t wait to do all kinds of work in this house, especially with furniture.

My favorite is the kitchen…

And we also have a backyard where Carter has already dug up a hole.

Did I tell you that I really love the Nest?

This desk I built by myself to store the makeup that I finally consolidated. And then my other children, the succulents can enjoy the sun. We’re getting there.

We are definitely getting there.

And here’s a video!

Farewell To My Friend

The morning of April 23, 2020 I lost my best friend of 11 years. Ginger crossed the rainbow bridge and my soul followed her.

I raised Ginger from when she was a puppy. She was your typical puppy – bouncy, destructive, needy. Then she grew into this beautiful dog that everyone admired yet feared at the same time. She was larger than usual but she didn’t know her size. I remember when I came home from the hospital, the first thing she did was sit on my lap so I wouldn’t go anywhere and leave her for 7 days.

I never left since because the look on her face when I came back broke my heart.

Ginger was my protector. No one could get within 6′ of me…not when she was around. She also protected the kids. It was like she knew her job was to keep us safe. She stopped someone from carjacking me. I was indebted to her ever since and I spent the rest of her life making it up to her. Though I knew that what I could do for could never amount to what she had done for me.

She loved going on walks – especially long ones. We would take her with us to the canals and walk along the tow path. She even got in the river for laughs and even though she hated baths and the rain, rivers and lakes and creeks were her jam. Jeremy would take her for 10 mile walks and not once did she complain. She came home exhausted, yet happy. I taught her how to run alongside Camden while she rode her bike. She didn’t care what we did as long as she was a part of it.

Ginger was always done for a game of fetch. I bought a Chuck-it for her and that thing was a Godsend. We would play for hours and she was barely exhausted.

Her love was unconditional. She would wait for me by the door when I would go to the store. She patiently waited for us to get home from work and understood that we would be gone for a long time but she always greeted us, happy and relieved. Her love for my children was unmatched by anything else. They were her kids, too. When I would have a bad day, she would lie down next to me as if to let me know that everything would be okay because we were together.

She got older and the walks became shorter but she always loved going on them even though her joints ached. Her muzzle turned gray and her eyes looked like she’s had a lifetime of knowledge behind them. Though she just wanted to sleep all day, she never missed a beat in greeting us at the door when we came home.

She put up with Carter as much as she could. He looked up to her and was obsessed with playing with her but she was just never in the mood. Nonetheless, she tolerated his bouncy attitude. That’s how much patience she had.

Then the day finally arrived. She couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore and we knew it was time. I finally accepted that she was no longer the dog she was before. The night of April 23rd, she went to sleep and never woke up.

I loved her and I still love her. I miss her so much and it’s lonely here in the house without her. She hung on long enough for me to find another dog who will protect me and love me like she did.

Thank you, Ginger.