Social Media Is No Longer For Me

I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Any interaction with people outside my real life circle is not what I need right now. I have my kids, my husband, my sister, and a few friends who have my number so they know how to get a hold of me.

I feel like someone who is about to leave the country or probably who is dying soon.

My surgery is tomorrow. Even though it’s something simple, I’m still a little bit worried that there could be complications. Last time I had major surgery, I had to sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) and a priest came in my room. Good grief.

So I’m only active on Instagram. And even that’s private. My objective is to disappear from everyone’s radar. Deleting my social media accounts seems like the best thing to do. I really don’t want anyone contacting me if they’re not friends and family. I plan to just cut everyone off and not give a rat’s ass about how they’re doing and what they’re doing.

I hope this brings me some kind of peace.